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reunite Britain is a new community that aims at promoting progressive, democratic and liberal views through broad engagement and participation of citizens.

If you too want to protect the NHS, want to stop Brexit, want to promote Education, EqualPay and a People’s Vote, please contribute now!

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During the campaign of the 2016 EU Referendum, a split between the Leave voters and the Remain voters emerged. Nearly three years on, nothing has changed.

What can we do now that Brexiters have shown they are not capable of deciding what Brexit must look like?

What can we do now that Corbyn’s Labour has shown it is not capable of supporting the majority of its own members who want a People’s Vote?

What can we do now that Theresa May is wasting valuable time in the countdown to Brexit?

This is where the journey begins…

This is where we come together…

This is where we start to reunite Britain!

Support our community today and have your say about Britain’s future policies!

Thank you.


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