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Dear Readers,

PMP Magazine is the place for ideas, activism and politically informed debate. We publish brilliant opinion, reliable and fact-backed articles written by writers, researchers, experts, bloggers and concerned citizens.

Together, we debunk the fantasy policies, absolute ignorance and outright lies of populist politicians to provide you with a thoughtful, independent and socially responsible journalism.

Whether we publish a piece on Brexit, Trump, Citizens’ Rights, the European Union or Politics in general, we believe that our magazine provides a real evidence-based political and public service that has long been abandoned by the mainstream media.

We have been tirelessly fighting the post-truth fake stories out there with real ones since 2016, an effort we could not sustain without your precious support. However, the work of producing reliable, fact-checked reporting requires resources and time.

All this valuable work is available for all to read and share in our magazine. Everything FREE. Without any Paywall. Please, help us keep it that way and keep PMP Magazine going, make a direct contribution today.

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The Editorial Team



OVERVIEW is a weekly politics and current affairs magazine with one clear objective: Fighting the fake stories out there with real ones.



Our online magazine was created on 30 September 2016, just a few weeks after the British referendum on the EU membership and a couple of months before the election of Donald Trump at the White House.

What’s in the name: Our magazine’s name, (PMP), comes from the days when the then-newly appointed British Prime Minister Theresa May kept repeating in the media “Brexit means Brexit”, after the EU Referendum.

Why exists: We are a weekly politics and current affairs magazine with one clear objective: Fighting the fake stories out there with real ones.

Our slogan: “The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” (Plato)

Our mission: To inform and educate to make a social impact. After Brexit and Trump, it is now time to fight back and stand up for truth and facts, or our ability to make informed decisions will be forever compromised.

We have created PMP, a new platform for citizen response, because, unlike other media who focus on superficial news, irrelevant stories, fake news and alternative facts, we believe that some stories out there MUST be told.

We believe that PMP should not provide its readers with stories they ‘want’ to read, but with stories, they ‘need’ to read to understand the world they live in.

Where our magazine stands politically: We believe in social equality, equal opportunity, the promotion of individual abilities and talents, social responsibility, universal healthcare, workers rights, entrepreneurship, fair market competition, consumer rights, human rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, equal pay, access to education and culture for all, the prohibition of child labour, the fight against racism and antisemitism, and in the fight against global warming.

Our audience: We have a growing number of followers and, on average, tens of thousands of readers choose to read our articles every day. Our magazine has received over 502k views in the last quarter all pages combined. We also currently have over 5k registered readers to our weekly Newsletter. Although our target audience is English speaking readers mainly located in the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia, we also have readers in many other countries in the world, simply because the issues raised in our magazine are global and affect people everywhere on the planet.



All our articles are made freely available to our readers on our online magazine. No paywall.

Because it takes a lot of time to review, edit, get all articles and facts right, part of the money from our supporters goes towards cost-effective admin processes and apps that help us run the magazine’s website in the most proficient manner. Some of the money also goes towards our social media and website work in order to keep our magazine always current and engaging with our readers.

Because we love our writers we want to help them all to continue feeding our magazine with great quality content. Therefore, when possible some of the money will be used in the future to fund our writers as well for the amazing articles they produce.



We open our columns to journalists, writers, bloggers, politicians, business leaders, economists, lawyers, thinkers and anyone who wants to discuss political decisions, social issues, innovative ideas, original projects and complex schemes.

We open our columns to anyone who wants to tell their story, share their experience, explain their views, describe their pain, show their enthusiasm, demonstrate their joy, talk about their life.

We open our columns to all writers with progressive opinions, whether they are Left-wing or Right-wing, as long as they support democracy, human rights, diversity and selflessness.

We fight fake news published by right-wing outlets and tabloids and social media bots by publishing real, honest and positive news and opinions.

We fight politicians’ alternative facts that threaten the democratic debate by fact-checking their speeches and comments to maintain transparency, honesty and democracy in politics.

We go to the source of the reflections that influence politics and geopolitics in the changing world of today.

We feed our readers with the most trustworthy, accurate and fact-checked information.


The future of independent journalism is at stake. will fight for it!

Please tell your friends, colleagues and family about our magazine.

Every little help is precious to us. Please, support our magazine today!



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