How Businesses Have Influenced UK Politics & Voters Since 2016.

CROWDFUNDING: An article on how businesses lobby UK politicians and how that may have influenced voters during the 2016 EU Referendum.

TO BE PUBLISHED: 28 February 2019.



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The Register of MPs’ Financial Interests in Parliament has recently shown that businesses are paying MPs large sums of money and, in some cases, regular incomes in return for the politicians’ “advice”.

Those “financial relationships” are legal. But do they not represent a potential conflicts of interest when the MPs end up lobbying in Parliament and in the media for the government to take decisions that will benefit their donors/employers?

This article will show whether influential businesses have donated large sums of money to senior politicians for them to support Leave during the 2016 EU Referendum campaign. It will also check whether such ‘links’ and donations/regular incomes are still ongoing as the UK edges dangerously close towards leaving the EU with No-Deal, thus benefiting businesses but against the national interest.

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