Why Crowdfunding Writers?


Why Crowdfund?

PMP Magazine is launching a crowdfunding to help our writers get some money out of their articles published in our magazine. Some writers are using the money to pay their bills, others to donate to a charity or donate to someone in need, finally, others who may not need the money have even decided to donate it to our magazine to help us continue providing quality journalism…


How Does It Work?

We set up crowdfunding pages for our writers and link them to their articles in the magazine (with two “Support this writer” buttons in the middle and at the end of their articles).

Readers can then support our writers with any amount they like and when a writer reaches the £500 target, the money is sent directly to their PayPal account (A PayPal account is required for us to be able to transfer the money when the funding is completed.).



Whether the page is successfully funded (within a 90-day period) or not, our writers will always receive their funding. When the 90-day period is over, the funding is automatically renewed with a new £500 target within a new 90-day period. And so on… 

The crowdfunding service is pretty straightforward and there is nothing else for our writers to do but write/submit articles as usual. PMP will deal with the maintenance of the crowdfunding pages and always contact the writers as soon as they reach their target and/or when the funding is completed.



By agreeing to participate in our crowdfunding service, our writers allow PMP to post, link, store, share and otherwise make available certain information, text, graphics, videos, or other material that may benefit their crowdfunding campaign. Our writers grant us the right and license to use, modify, publicly display, reproduce, and distribute such content on and through the service. They, however, retain any and all of their rights to any content displayed on or through the service. 

By agreeing to participate in our crowdfunding service, our writers also agree to the fees that will be collected from their funding total. The following fees will be collected from their funding total: PMP’s 15% Platform Fees (Platform fees are used to help PMP build, maintain, run the website and get our writers’ crowdfunding campaigns going. It also pays for safety and security features to keep our crowdfunding platform safe and secure.) and 5% Payment Processing Fees (Industry standard payment processing fees dependent on country and where the donation is coming from.). PMP does not withhold VAT.