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Every Little Help... is a new crowdfunding website that offers crowdfunding to Creators. Thanks to our website, Creators can solicit funds for a project they would like to achieve. is all about allowing hard-working Creators who would like to see their projects come to life the chance to raise the money necessary to make that project a reality. is all about allowing people to help other people. Simple!


How Does It Work?

After registering online (it’s free!), you can easily create a page for your funding campaign, make a list of “rewards” for different levels of funding (if you wish to, as this is optional) and publicise your project through your social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


Contribution & Rewards

The website runs on a rewards-based system, which means that anyone willing to help to fund your cause can donate a set amount of money and receive a gift in exchange for their kind contribution, unless they choose to contribute without the reception of any reward.

The aim of the awards is to create a financial incentive for potential contributors. But it is up to you to decide whether you want to offer any rewards at all. This is optional.

Payment Processing Fees

Backers can use credit cards to donate, for which processing is conducted by Stripe and PayPal. charges only 4% fee on contributions by Backers for successful campaigns. This charge is in addition to the 4% Stripe/PayPal payment processing charges.

In the case of a campaign failing to raise the target amount, Creators will be able to keep all money raised minus a 4% platform fee + 4% payment Stripe/PayPal payment processing charges. This option must be selected BEFORE the campaign begins, and the goal will thus be listed.

Funds are disbursed directly after Backers place their order of contribution on when they pay by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal payment. In some cases, when fund clearance is required, it may take up to 96 hours after placing the order.

Getting Started...

In order to crowdfund your project on, you must first register (it’s free!) and/or login to our website.

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