Make Someone’s Most Beautiful Day...

Crowdfunding Weddings

Have you always dreamt about your big day?
That dress, that cake, these flowers, all your friends and family
to share your special day with you... the DREAM wedding!

Now that you have to plan it, you realise that, sadly,
you may be financially limited in your choices
and it can be heart-breaking...

Big Spending

The average person ends up spending on the big day:


Wedding Dress

The average cost of a wedding dress:


Wedding Cake

The average cost of a wedding cake:


More Spending

A wedding photographer may cost about:


Do you just need a little help with your big day
or a bigger help to start from scratch?



Are you and your crew too short in cash to spend an unforgettable hen weekend? Whether it is to pay for the hen party tableware, decorations, costumes, party games or accessories, to spend some girl-time together with cocktails, dance classes or clubs, or simply to explore the capital for the weekend…

The ceremony


Has the wedding dress of your dreams a price tag that gives you headaches? Are the location of your wedding reception, the food, drinks and wedding cake only available at a cost you realise you cannot afford on your own? Would you like to offer all your guests some great entertainment and the night of the year after the ceremony?

Do not despair...

You can now

your big event!

Whatever your needs,
crowdfunding will help you reach your goal
so that you don’t have to compromise
and leave Aunty Mary off the guest list!


Register for free

It only takes one minute to register and you can start receiving funds in minutes...
Set Your Target

Create a brilliant crowdfunding campaign with lots of details and then submit.
Spread the word

Once your campaign is approved, spread the word on social media!

A little networking can go a long way and it all adds up quickly.

Friends, family, colleagues and even complete strangers
can donate whatever amount they want to help you reach your target.

And why not offer a ‘reward’ to your backers,
either as an incentive or just to say ‘thank you’…

What Reward To OFFER?

The following examples of rewards are merely suggestions.
When you start your crowdfund you can decide whether
to offer a reward to thank your backers for their contributions.

An invitation to attend your Wedding Rehearsal
An invitation to attend your Wedding Ceremony
A photo album of your amazing Wedding Day
The choice of the second song of the night
Exclusive access to your Wedding Blog
An invitation to attend your Wedding Brunch
A photo album of your amazing Honeymoon
An invitation to attend your Hen Party