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Crowdfunding EXPAT CASES

When you move to another country your status keeps changing as you start settling there. You may be studying, working, getting married, having children or creating a business...

Changing status means that you end up having to apply for different types of documents, for you and/or your family, in order to remain there legally.

Why crowdfund anyway?

  • Problems with applications and documents?
  • Visa application delayed?
  • Visas for family and friends?
  • Visa for your spouse or partner?
  • Overstayed your visa or leave?
  • Want to stay on a visa after a divorce?
  • Asylum and refugees status?
  • Deportation case?

If your situation is complicated, you might need to pay for specialist advice from a professional immigration adviser or solicitor. This is why you may find it useful to crowdfund your immigration case.

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