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Crowdfunding Causes

Crowdfund because
you want to help.

Because you want to give something back to your community or make a difference to the people around you.

Because you know that together we can make a difference to other people’s lives.

Crowdfund because
you Want to say
'Thank you'.

Because you know a very special someone who you believe deserves a break after doing so much to help others.

Because you believe they too should get something in return from the community to say “Thank you”.

Crowdfund because
you care.

Because you know someone who you believe deserves a break after a lot they have been going through.

Because you know someone who is feeling isolated or out on a limb after a big change in their life such as redundancy, family issues or health problems.

Crowdfund because
it's good for you.

Because it makes you happy to help others and provides you with a sense of purpose.

Because you want to feel alive and happy to get involved in helping people in need.

Crowdfunding Causes
is rewarding for everyone involved.

Do you know someone with a lifelong dream? Someone who could really do with some financial help? Someone who just deserves a treat?

Either you are looking to raise money for a good cause, to help your neighbours with some unexpected bills, to gather enough funds to buy that piece of equipment that would change a disabled person’s life.

We have all heard of these heart-warming stories of children in needs getting their dream holiday, of these families finally being able to give their loved ones the farewell they deserve. All sorted in a matter of days thanks to the incredible kindness of others.

Backthiscause.com is here to help you crowdfund for your dedicated cause.

Whatever your needs we can help you reach your goal and give someone somewhere something
they will never forget!

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It has never been easier to help people...