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About PMP Magazine

PoliticsMeansPolitics.com (or PMP Magazine) was created to be a new platform for citizen response, because, unlike other media who focus on superficial news and irrelevant stories for their readers, we believe that some stories MUST be told.

We believe that PMP should not provide its readers with stories they ‘WANT’ to read, but with stories they ‘NEED’ to read to understand the world they live in.

In the wake of the Brexit vote in Britain and Donald Trump’s election in the United States, people in western democracies woke up to the fact that the dark side of the information revolution had been unleashed with its share of fake news, alternative facts and hate speech. Democracy and the media have never looked so fragile.

It is now time to fight back and stand up for truth and facts, or our ability to make informed decisions will be forever compromised.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver compelling and engaging content to our substance-hungry mobile-first readers to tell them about the world.

After reading our exclusive stories, our readers can use them to make decisions. That means they might decide to like, comment or share them. Furthermore, our stories may help them understand other people’s view on the world and get them to change their own views as well. It might involve them starting to think differently about climate change, being more considerate with people with disabilities, accepting other people’s differences, changing their habits, or changing the way they elect people to represent them.

Our ultimate aim is to educate our readers with real stories and make a social impact, as education is said to be prerequisite to good citizenship because it helps people make good decisions and ignore the demagogues’ populist arguments.