A Message About Safety


A Safe Platform

It is important for our Backers and Creators that every campaign runs as smoothly as possible.

BackThisHUB.com provides both individuals with a platform where trust is essential. We screen every campaign for potential issue prior to publishing them online. We investigate issues that may be brought to us by our community.

Not every project will go as planned. However, we aim to provide a safe platform for honest Creators and Backers, and when something goes wrong, we can all discuss it together to find a quick and smooth resolution that will make everyone happy.


Whose Responsibility?

BackThisHUB.com is a platform that helps Creators bring their projects to life.

Creators are sole responsible for their projects on BackThisHUB.com. If a Backer decides to contribute to fund a project, they trust the Creator will go ahead with the project as described in the project’s crowdfunding page.

It is not a bad idea to research the Creators online (their social media, website, articles…) before contributing to their project funding to get to know them a bit more.

BackThisHUB.com never evaluates a Creator’s claims on their crowdfunding page, nor do we resolve disputes or offer any refunds. Backers are sole responsible for their decision to fund a project or not.


If A Campaign Succeeds…

If a crowdfunding campaign is successful in reaching the target, the Creator is responsible for sending the offered rewards to their contributors in a timely manner (i.e. within the time period indicated on the crowdfunding page of their project.).


If A Campaign Fails…

If a crowdfunding campaign fails to reach the target, the Creator is responsible for either still sending the offered rewards to their contributors, or refund them.

What Backers Can Do Before Contributing

Read all the details about the item on its crowdfunding page as well as any updates posted by the Creator.

You may also find reviews of the campaign written by Verified Backers.

Check the Creator‘s records online, the comments made by other users on social media, the Creator‘s online presence.

If you do come across anything suspicious, contact us as soon as possible and we will investigate the issue.


Note: Crowdfunding is not the same as shopping. Your donation is a way to support a project, however, it does not guarantee that you will receive a perk.


What Creators Can Do

On the crowdfunding page, tell people everything that is relevant to your project and to yourself. Including a detailed biography is a plus.

Answer questions from people as quick as possible if you want to show that you are responsive and serious about your project.

Be honest. Be ethical. Be frank. Be yourself. Be helpful.

Don’t try to make your project look more popular than it is by self-funding. Your project would be automatically suspended and you would risk to be banned from our platform.

Note that if someone contacts you with offers to help you promote or market your project, these people and companies will never be endorsed by, or be affiliated to BackThisHUB.com.

If you do contract such service and they sends spam messages, distributes lists of Backers’ emails or contact details, you will be held accountable, and your crowdfunding page could end up being suspended.

We won’t hesitate to suspend and ban Creators who abuse the system.


Protect Your Details.

Beware of “phishing”. Phishing is when someone pretends to be a business you trust and asks for sensitive information.

BackThisHUB.com will never ask for your Social Security number or full payment information over the phone or by email, and the only place we’ll ask you to enter your password is on BackThisHUB.com’s log-in screen.

If anyone asks you for this information, or you think you’ve received a scam or hoax email from someone pretending to be affiliated with us, do not respond. But DO let us know!