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A Princess’ Wedding… Same As Yours And Mine.

Have you watched Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank last week? Wasn’t she a beautiful bride? What a fairytale wedding… Or was it?

If I didn’t have to worry about the bill at the end of my Big Day, I am sure I would have looked as good as Eugenie! Controversial, I know, but I can’t stop thinking “Why do we have to foot the bill for members of the Royal Family?”

OK, fair enough, the bill covers mainly the security around it, but still…

Anyway, it was a great wedding, a bit windy though, but I suppose that’s how memories are made!

Page boys being blown away on the steps of the church, hats (very expensive hats!!!) flying away and men in morning suits and top hats…

At the end of the day, their wedding is the same as yours and mine: everything costs 100 times more, that’s it…

Oh, and Naomi Campbell and Demi Moore casually come along a bit like Aunty Mary from Devon and cousin Laura from Hackney!

What I have noticed as well, that makes it a very ‘common’ wedding, is the fact that people compare! Well, to be fair, it was a bit ‘unlucky’ to have two royal weddings in the space of a few months…

I watched Eugenie’s wedding on TV and, even before she arrived, her guest list was being compared to the guest list of Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding.

There were polls on Twitter to decide whose dress was the best, people asking why Eugenie was not wearing a veil like Meghan, others saying how the men’s suits differed, the after party, etc.

It doesn’t matter where you are from; people will always compare your Big Day to others’ because that’s what people do!

So, enjoy your day and make sure no ones bring you down… not even the bill!

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(Cover: Dreamstime / © Lorna Roberts | Princess Eugenie & Jack Brooksbank Windsor, UK – 12/10/2018.)
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