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What is the average wedding cost?

Always dreamt about your big day? Dress, cake, flowers, hen party, photographer, friends and family to share your special day… The DREAM wedding, or… a pricey wedding??

Any idea? Have a rough guess? Well, in a nutshell, young couples can expect to fork out an average of £27k on their big day. How does that add up?

The most significant cost is the venue hire (£4K), closely followed by the honeymoon. You can’t avoid the cost of the official venue as you need a licensed venue by law, but if the stately mansion is not your cup of tea, you can bring the costs down by getting married in a registry office.

Next on the list is the wedding cake with an average cost of £300. There are loads of options and budgets for wedding cakes, so, it should be an ideal area to bring costs down.

Regarding the flowers, if you are on a budget, we suggest you try to make your own table decorations and check Pinterest and bridal magazines for ideas. Spend the best chunk of your flowers budget on your bridal bouquet. It will be in most pictures, after all!

Then, comes the wedding dress, an area where most brides wouldn’t want to cut corners. The average cost of a dress is £1,385, although you could check high street alternatives or even second-hand bridal shop to lower your costs.

The last big expenditure is the wedding photographer with an average of £1,480 with most experts agreeing that you should allow 10% of your overall budget for your photographer.

So, here you are, your big day is likely to be an expensive one! You could also try to get married on a weekday or in Winter too, as it is usually the off-peak period and it can really make a difference to your budget.

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(Source: The Money Advice Service)
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