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Everything You Need For Your Wedding Can Be Found Online.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something… found online?

I have been married for a little while now, and I have to say that I still get the jitters when someone I know announces their engagement. A wedding is always an exciting event, especially if you don’t have to organise it, because let’s face it… it can be a right pain in the neck!

It is such a money-making business nowadays. It’s the ONE day in your life that you know will always be remembered by your friends and family (for the better, for the worse!).

Take this TV show for instance Don’t tell the bride, it’s amazing how people are entertained just watching a devastated bride to be letting their other half choose everything from the dress (the DRESS!! How mean is that!!) to the venue…



And have you heard of the Bridezilla effect?? That’s a word that didn’t even exist when I got married… There’s a great interest out there for everything wedding-related (People love a bit of wedding drama!) There are even people who organise weddings for a living!

So, my advice for anyone planning their big day is this: look online, everything you can possibly need is on the internet, from decorating ideas to budgeting tools, to YouTube make-your-own’ videos…

Everyone gushes about every single details of their Big Day (check on Facebook, Twitter…), celebrities’ weddings are all over the front pages of glossy magazines. Let that help you! Pinch their ideas! I can’t promise you won’t turn into a bridezilla, but at least I am sure it will help you in your planning!

Then, when you are sure about what you want on your Big Day, why not crowdfunding your entire wedding or part of it, maybe even the hen party or your honeymoon? is the right solution to easily crowdfund your wedding online. Find out more…

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